100M YouTube Views!

100M views! It’s been four years since the Sesame PSA “Brushy Brush” I produced was published to YouTube. Since then it’s received steady clicks and last weekend  hit a major milestone - 100M views. Woo-hoo! What took four years for one artist may take days for another. Check out the Statista data below.

The Brushy Brush strategic recipe was straightforward: 

1. Feature a signature, trusted character – Elmo.

2. Have Elmo “Brushy-Brush” and break it down to a catchy song.  

3. Sprinkle in celebrities brushing their own pearly whites.

4. Simmer all the above within a positive, feel good message.

5. Share with the world.

It’s amazing how quickly some YouTube videos hit 100M views and others…die. Is it the artist? Is it the music? Is it the audience? Is it the distribution? Is it the message? Yes, yes and yes - there’s no one way in today’s wide, wild content world.

Here’s to more clicks and maybe a membership in YouTube’s Billion View Club! What’s YOUR strategy for earning views?